Business Succession & Exit Planning

The successful transition to new ownership and/or leadership is one of the most critical issues facing today’s business owner. Sadly, studies indicate that most owners have not done any significant succession or exit planning.

Cottrill Arbutina will guide you through the many complexities of the planning process and help you avoid the pitfalls that hinder many businesses from successful transition. We help our clients establish short- and long-term goals and develop game plans to reach them.

Our experts consider

  • Family dynamics
  • Transitioning ownership vs. transitioning leadership
  • Key employees and how they fit into a succession plan
  • Business valuation
  • Value enhancement
  • Preparing a business for sale and negotiating a favorable deal
  • Cashflow concerns
  • Planning for the unexpected (divorce, death, disability, disaster, etc.)
  • Tax considerations
  • Retirement needs of the exiting business owner
  • Options for optimizing the structure of the transaction (gifting, sale, financing, trusts, ESOPs, etc.)

We look forward to hearing from you and understanding how we can help you with your business succession and exit planning needs.