Pittsburgh Business Valuations

Business Valuation Services

Your closely-held business may be your most significant asset, but you may not know its actual value. Cottrill Arbutina’s valuation specialists will help you determine that value, and we’ll educate you on how to maintain and enhance the worth of your business. We support business owners with services to meet a variety of needs throughout the life of a business- from acquisition to sale.

Each business is unique; we work closely with the owner and management team to gain an understanding of a company’s history and the circumstances that might have an impact on its value. We combine an understanding of valuation theory and relevant standards with industry and financial expertise on each engagement.

While demand for our business valuation services is often driven by business sales, acquisitions, or mergers, there are many other reasons clients seek our services, including:

  • Value enhancement
  • Strategic planning
  • Estate, gift, and trust planning
  • Tax preparation
  • Shareholder buy/sell agreements
  • Equitable distribution in dispute cases
  • Banking and loan requirements
  • Insurance claims

Contact us today and tell us how we can assist you with your business valuation needs.