Cottrill Arbutina Cares About…Opportunities for College Students

By:  Michele Renz

Note:  This is the first blog in our on-going series entitled “Cottrill Arbutina Cares About…”, a blog that highlights the employees and community service of Cottrill Arbutina.

Cottrill Arbutina hosted approximately 15 accounting and finance majors from Geneva College in our Community Conference Room on Tuesday, September 26thJoel Martin, Shareholder, and Chad Agnew, Manager, Geneva College graduates, shared with the students their thoughts on what it takes to succeed in the accounting profession today.  Martin and Agnew stressed that in addition to the obvious need for technical accounting skills and general business understanding, the following job skills are just as essential in the accounting profession:  information technology expertise, excellent written and oral communication skills, leadership abilities, attention to detail, and a relentless desire for customer service.

Cottrill Arbutina supports college student opportunities by providing workshops in our offices, speaking at college campuses, and offering accounting internships for students from Geneva and other colleges and universities.  Annually, Cottrill provides approximately 5-6 full or part-time internships for accounting majors.

Contact us to arrange a Cottrill Arbutina employee representative to speak at your college or university or to learn more about our internship program.